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Our growth philosophy drives our decision-making so that we can produce exceptional results in a variety of market conditions. Aras Group is a Dubai-based private property development firm. Our committed team of real estate experts has decades of collective experience managing commercial and residential real estate ventures and has collaborated in a variety of ways throughout their career.

We search for opportunities to acquire and grow properties with high investment returns using a value-driven approach. To deliver high-quality, high-performance real estate, we find underserved locations and property potential that demonstrates compelling relative value.

We usually search for off-market opportunities with high inherent value and market prices that are sustainable. We are able to move rapidly to closing and effectively strengthen or expand a property or growth opportunity once we have identified it.

We will project manage the entire process and effectively bring it to market with a keen eye for quality and value.This is accomplished by carefully assembling a diversified portfolio of real estate investments that meet our stringent requirements and are differentiated by the firm's niche strategy.

We are able to achieve a consistently high level of development on schedule and within budget because of our integrated approach and attention to detail.

We serve as both a developer and a project manager in our company activities, ensuring that we have strategic influence over all of our schemes. Time and budget are crucial in any construction, and our integrated approach allows us to manage time and budget more effectively, resulting in a major increase in project delivery. This allows us to reach both critical deadlines and consistently high levels of exceptional performance on every project.

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